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Stonecrest Park Club

Deed & Restrictions for Members

Stonecrest Park Club

102 Ryan Road
Blakeslee, Pa. 18610




The deed to be given under this contract shall contain the following restrictive covenants, easements, reservations, charges and conditions which are part of a general development scheme of the land referred to on the reverse side hereof and shall run with and bind the land to be conveyed hereunder, subject to the right of the owner of the tract of which said premises are a part, to waive any of the following restrictions for any plot or group of lots when in the opinion of the owner such waiver may be desirable or necessary.

  1. All lots and parcels of land in the subdivision known as STONECREST PARK, MONROE COUNTY, PA. Shall be reserved and used by the owner for single-family residential purposes exclusively, excepting those specifically designated by STONECREST PARK (Seller) as a business or commercial property.

   2. No structure or building of any sort shall be moved to, erected or constructed on any plot until a complete set of plans         and specifications have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Seller. Disapproval of plans and      

       specifications by the Seller may be based on any grounds including purely aesthetic grounds. No tent, trailer, or other   

       temporary structure of any kind may be erected on or moved to any lot or lots. No lot shall be cleared of brush, trees,

       or anything else of any inflammable nature except after having first obtained the approval of the Seller in writing, such

       approval to specify the time and manner in which such clearing shall be made.

    3. Said premises, in addition to the restrictions and conditions herein contained, are to be conveyed subject to all rules,   

        regulations and ordinances and zoning regulations of the local Township, where the same applies, if any, relative to 

        the construction and erection of buildings.

    4. No building shall be erected on any plot within 25 feet of the front line of said plot; nor within 10 feet from the sideline

        of any adjoining owner or street

    5. Sewerage from all buildings erected on the premises shall be cared for by the owners or occupants by installing a

        septic tank which shall at all times be maintained in a proper sanitary condition in accordance with legal requirements.

        No privy vaults shall be maintained on said premises.

    6. Dwellings shall be single-family type, only one to be erected on any one plot. Private garages in harmony with the   

        main buildings may be erected but must be at least 50 feet from the front line of plot, except when connected directly

        with main building.

    7. The club facilities shall be used by no one who is not an owner of a plot at STONECREST PARK or a guest or member of          the family of such owner, provided they shall first be approved for honorary membership in STONECREST PARK CLUB.          It is distinctly understood that the use of any and all club facilities shall be at the risk of the Purchaser, and the
        Seller shall not be liable for any damages or injury resulting from such use.

     8. The Seller, for itself, its successors and assigns, hereby reserves, without further assent or permit from the purchaser,

         his, her, their or its successors in title, unto itself, or to grant to any public utility company, municipality or water     

         company an easement of a right-of way, granting the rig/It to erect and lay or cause or permit to be erected, laid,   

         maintained, removed or repaired in all roads, streets, avenues, ways on which the land to be conveyed abuts, and also

         on a ten foot strip of land located in the rear of the lots to be conveyed hereunder, electric light, telephone and

         telegraph poles and wires; water, sewer, gas pipes and conduits; catch basins, surface drains and such other

         customary or usual appurtenances as may from time to time in the opinion of the Seller, its successors or assigns or

         any utility company or municipality be deemed necessary or advisable in connection with the beneficial use of the lots

         shown on apian of the land to be conveyed hereunder, and all claims for damages, if any, by the construction,

         maintenance and repair thereof, or on account of temporary or other inconvenience caused against the Seller or any

         utility company or municipality, or any of its agents or servants, is hereby waived by the purchaser.


         The Seller does further reserve the right to change, layout a new or discontinue any street, avenue, or way shown on             the plan of development not necessary for ingress or egress to and from the premises to be conveyed hereunder. No           dedication of public use of roads, streets, avenue, ways or beaches is intended to be made by the conveyance     


     9. No noxious or offensive trade or entertainment, including the keeping of animals, other than commonly accepted   

         domestic pets shall be earned on upon any lot nor shall any nuisance be maintained thereon.

    10. It is covenanted that the Seller shall have the right, after giving five (5) days written notice to the lot owner to enter   

          upon any lot or lots upon which any structures or nuisances have been erected or maintained contrary to any of   

          these covenants and remove said objectionable structure or nuisance, without liability for damage for such action,

          assessing the reasonable cost thereof against the owner.

    11. No signs of any type, including for sale sign, shall be erected or maintained on the premises.

    12. This agreement shall be subject to an annual lien and charge of $25.00 on each numbered lot on the map entitled

          STONECREST PARK recorded with the office of the clerk of Monroe County, State of Pennsylvania in Vol 338, Page 703, 

          Dated July 12, 1966, and the Buyer, his, her, or their heirs, successors, executors, administrators and assigns agree to            pay to the Seller, its successors and assigns said sum annually on the first day of May hereafter, for club privileges,   

          whether the same are exercised or not The title to all land designated as lake or pool and club is expressly retained by

          the Seller.

          The Buyer, his, her, or their heirs, successors, executors, administrators, and assigns farther agree that the use of     

          said club facilities are subject to the approval of the user for membership in STONECREST PARK CLUB. And in the case            of a guest or member of the family, provided they shall first be approved for honorary membership in STONECREST              PARK CLUB, and to compliance with the rules and regulations from time to time promulgated by STONECREST PARK

          CLUB, its successors and assigns, it being understood that the charge for such club privileges in addition to   

          constituting a lien against each lot included in this agreement, shall constitute a debt which may be collected by suit

          in any Court of competent jurisdiction, and upon the conveyance of any of the land described herein, successive   

          owner or owners shall, from the time of acquiring title, be held to have covenanted and agreed to pay STONECREST

          PARK CLUB, Us successors 01 assigns, all charges, past or future, as provided for in this paragraph.


          The Seller, its successors and assigns, shall be the sole owner of said charge and lien for lake or pool and club   

          privileges and shall maintain same in such manner as Seller in his sole discretion may deem advisable and the Buyer,

          for himself, herself, or their administrator's arid assigns shall use said club facilities in accordance with the rules and   

          regulations of the Seller, its successors or assigns, and the Buyer, his, her, or their heirs, successors, executors,

          administrators and assigns do hereby expressly recognize in the Seller, its successors or assigns, the right to deny the

          use of said club facilities for violation of such rules and regulations without impairing the obligation to pay the charge

          for the same as herein provided.

    13. Buyer agrees not to allow on premises any unlicensed automobiles, vehicles, farm implements, junk, building   

          materials, or other items that in the opinion Of the Seller would tend to degrade the development. Buyer agrees to   

          remove such items with 5 days after notification in writing by Seller.

    14. All buildings erected on lots are to have exterior construction completed within 6 months from start.

    15. Failure to promptly enforce any of the above restrictions, conditions or covenants shall not be deemed a waiver of   

          the right to do so thereafter and the invalidation of any of the above covenants or restrictions by judgment of any     

          competent Court shall in no wise affect any of the other provisions which shall   

          remain in full force and effect.


Accepted by a majority vote of the Board of Directors at our December 2010 meeting.

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