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Stonecrest Park Club

BY- Laws for Members



102 Ryan Road
Blakeslee, Pa. 18610


      A majority, of the Directors and Membership present, showing approval in appropriate detail the following:


    1. Fisherman must comply with the State Fishing Laws and Regulations and must possess and display a Pennsylvania     

        License, Any failure to comply may result in a fine imposed by the PA Fish and Game Commission which regularly

        patrols Association property.

    2. Fishing is not permitted at any beach area at Stonecrest Park.


    1. NO hunting is permitted within the confines of the Stonecrest Park Community.


    2. Carrying a loaded firearm (pistol, rifle, shotgun,, flintlock, black powder, air gun, BB gun, bow and arrow or any device           capable of propelling a projectile of any kind) within the confines of the Stonecrest community is strictly PROHIBITED             unless authorized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Said authorization shall be registered with, the Association   




    4. Any person in possession of any firearms must be in compliance with the laws of the

       Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,



    1. Any vehicle parked on a street, which impedes vehicular traffic in any way, shall be removed at owner's expense,


    2. The owners of an illegally parked vehicle will be responsible far any damages which may be incurred.

    3. It shall be illegal to park in a prohibited area including intersections er tight ®f way, private property, etc.

    4. No on-street parking permitted anytime when snowfall is anticipated or when snowfall exceeds 2 inches in-depth to     

       permit proper snowplowing. Vehicles interfering with snowplowing may be towed by a private towing firm. The owner   

       of the vehicle will have to pay the towing fee, and any other fees incurred, to the towing firm, in order to
       obtain the vehicle release.

    5. Parking Fines

    A.  Prohibited Packing

    1st offense  $5.00

    B. Private Property

    1st offense $10.00

    Each additional Offense $10.00

    C. Parking on street (During snow periods)
    1st offense $25.00

    Each additional offense $25.00 and vehicle will be towed at owner's expense.


     As in most recreation settings, there are Inherent risks in the use of the facilities and grounds of Stonecrest Park. Thus     

     there is a risk that you assume when you are involved in the use of any facility or on the grounds of Stonecrest Park.   

     Caution and great care must be taken at all times by you, your family and your guests in order to avoid injury. The

     Stonecrest Park Association t The Officers and Directors, their divisions, and their agents have no liability for lakes, pools,

     and grounds safety or for any injury occasioned by your use of the facilities and grounds of Stonecrest Park, or by the

     activities of other members, guests, or others, regardless of whether their presence is authorized or unauthorized. In

     addition, the club, Community Association and Corporation do not carry any form of Accident / Illness / Death of

     Dismemberment Insurance on any Club Member or guest. Club members and guests must rely on their individual   

     health and accident insurance policies in the event they are injured at Stonecrest Park.


    1. The Stonecrest Park Club and Association know that safety is a top priority to all who visit and utilize the Community     

      facilities and open space areas. The Association, have placed a high emphasis on safety in order to assure that all

      property owners, Club Members and guests have a. safe, as well as enjoyable experience,

    2. If you see or hear about anything that may be unsafe call the Association immediately. Whether it be broken   

       playground equipment,, a. sharp edge on a fence, an animal hole in a walkway, or anything else that you feel may be

       hazardous please call the Association office at (570)646-8726.

   3. Don't wait for an accident to happen. You can help prevent an accident by providing the Association with early   

       notification of areas of concern

     Dogs and Pets

    1. Stonecrest Park Association Rules and Regulations and the Pennsylvania State Laws require, that all pets he on their   

      owner's property or under the control of their owner’s at all times. Under no circumstances are pets permitted to run at

      large. In addition, it is recommended that barking dogs be kept inside at all times and pets are not permitted at any of

      the Stonecrest Park Recreation facilities. PLEASE be considerate of your neighbors and fellow Association members.

    2. Fines will be imposed. Amount of fine to be determined by the Board of Directors,

     Door - to - Door Solicitations

      Door - to - Door solicitations of any kind are not permitted in Stonecrest Park. If any solicitors do knock at your door ask        (hem please leave politely. And if they don't leave call the police! m

     Ice Skating Safely Rules

      Ice skating is not ALLOWED on the lake in Stonecrest Park even during the coldest winter months due to uncertain

      weather conditions and the fluctuating thickness of the ice.


      As of May, 1995 recycling has become mandatory for all property owners in Tunkhannock Township. All residents are            required by ordinance to participate. Owners may pick up their recycling trash barrels &t the Township Municipal Office.

      You would then make the necessary arrangements with your trash hauler for pickup. For more information call 

      Tunkhannock Township Municipal Office at 646-3608.

     Speed Limits

      Motor vehicles share, the roads in Stonecrest Park -with a large number of bicycles and pedestrians. Thus the     

      maximum reasonable speed limit on any road in Stonecrest Park is twenty (20) miles per hour.

     Trash collection

     It is the responsibility of each property owner in Stonecrest Park to make necessary arrangements for the disposal of alt       trash generated by their household.

    Unlicensed Vehicles and Drivers

     All vehicles operated on roadways and common areas in Stonecrest Park must be properly licensed, inspected and

     insured and must be operated by & licensed driver, Please note that all vehicles, must be licensed, inspected and

     insured In such a manner that they can legally be operated on any public (state or township) roadway. In. addition,

     vehicles are only permitted to be operated on the roadways, driveways, and parking areas in the community. Mini-bikes,

     ATV's and dirt bikes are not permitted, in Stonecrest Park unless they meet all of the above regulations


      Stonecrest Park community has been very fortunate over the years in that they have experienced a minimal amount of        vandalism and theft, both to community property and to the property of club members. However, any amount of     

      vandalism and theft is unacceptable at Stonecrest Park. To further deter vandalism and theft in the Stonecrest Park

      Community, the association is prepared la pay a reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of any

      individual involved in vandalizing or burglarizing community property and/or the property of any club member. Anyone

      with information on the above is asked to contact the association office, or the Pocono Mountain regional police or the

      state police. It is also important to note that it is the policy of the Stonecrest Park association to prosecute to the full

      extent of the taw any individual involved in the vandalizing or burglarizing of any community property. There are no


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