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Stonecrest Park Club

Rules & Regulations for Members

Stonecrest Park Club

102 Ryan Road
Blakeslee, Pa. 18610


  Motorized Vehicles

  1. Only duly licensed and inspected motorized vehicles within the state of Pennsylvania, including reciprocal agreements with other states, are allowed to operate on any Stonecrest Park Club road by a licensed driver.

   2. All ATV's, dirt bikes and snowmobiles prohibited from operation on any Stonecrest Park Club road including any     

       unpaved road (example: Spring Street) unless declared a state of emergency by the Governor of Pennsylvania.


   3. No motorized vehicles allowed on the walkway around the lake (example: ATV's, motorcycles, dirt bikes,                 

       snowmobiles). All licensed vehicles must park in the designated parking area.

   4. No speeding. The speed limit throughout Stonecrest Park Club is 25 MPH. 

   5. No unlicensed or not inspected motorized vehicle allowed to be stored on lots within Stonecrest Park Club that     

       would be visible to other lot owners.

   6. No parking on any Stonecrest Park Club road that could impede vehicular traffic in any way.



  1. Only commonly accepted domestic pets are allowed within Stonecrest Park Club.
    Example: NO chickens, ducks, horses, ponies, goats, pigs, wild game, etc.

   ​2. No commercial breeding of pets such as puppy-mills / kennels allowed.


   3. All dogs must be on a leash when off the owner’s property. Dog owners are responsible for pick-up/clean-up the     

       animals waste when walking their dog or dogs.

   4. All owners will have their pet/pets licensed as required by law which includes rabies protection.


   5. Owners will be responsible for any animal that could be considered a nuisance by the Board of Directors. This       

       includes barking and/or roaming free throughout Stonecrest Park Club.



  1. Discharging of any firearm is prohibited within Stonecrest Park Club at any time.

   2. No type of hunting is permitted within Stonecrest Park Club at any time. This includes archery, black powder,       

       centerfire, rimfire, pellet and BB's.



  1. The lake is for Stonecrest members/families and their guests. Members must accompany guests.

   2. Anyone fishing must have and publicly display a valid Pennsylvania fishing license. 

   3. Anyone using the lake facilities is responsible for any trash. Worm containers, lure wrappers, candy wrappers, soda

       cans, water bottles, etc. should be disposed of in the proper receptacles.

   4. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited at the lake area. This
        includes the bench area.


   5. No launching of boats, canoes, etc. allowed.


   6. Ice skating is not allowed during the winter months.


   7. No ice fishing allowed due to fluctuating ice thickness.


   Parking Rules

   1. Any vehicle parked on a street, which impedes vehicular traffic in any way, shall be removed at owner's expense,

   2. The owners of an illegally parked vehicle will be responsible far any damages which
       may be incurred.



  1. Building Permits required for new homes. Applications to be filled out and submitted
    to the Board of Directors with a copy of approved township permits and building plans
    including appropriate fees.

   2. Permits required for additions, garages, and storage sheds (over 8' x 10'). Plans must be submitted along with     

       application including a copy of any necessary township permits and appropriate fee to the Board of Directors. All   

       property setbacks will be strictly enforced. Disapproval of a permit MAY be based on purely aesthetic grounds.

       Any construction must be in harmony with the house on the lot. Permits are required for fence installations. Fences 

       limited to 48" high with the exception of fences around swimming pools which shall be limited to 72" high. Gates for 

       driveways that COULD hamper emergency services strictly prohibited.



   General Rules

  1. No burning allowed within Stonecrest Park Club. This includes trash and brush. Burn barrels are strictly prohibited.          

  2. Camping is not allowed.

   3. No littering.


   4. No signs advertising commercial entities. The only signs permitted are signs identifying the lot number, not to   

       exceed 200 square inches in area.

   5. No commercial businesses to be run out of homes on residential lots.


   6. No noxious or offensive trade or entertainment shall be carried on upon any lot nor shall any nuisance be   

       maintained thereon.


   7. All developed lots will be maintained to the degree that it would not tend to degrade the Stonecrest development. 

       This includes weeds, junk, building materials, etc.

    8. Ditches and Driveway Pipes: Ditches and driveway pipes shall be maintained by the property owner at their expense           in a manner to allow the free flow of rain water and melting snow and ice. Vegetation in ditches shall be kept to a               minimum, and free of rocks and sediment. Failure to comply with this Rule will result in a warning notice being                     issued, and if not corrected, Stonecrest will contract for the correction of the situation with the cost of such                           correction beng passed on to the property owner.

    9. Noise: in accordance with Tunkhannock Ordinance, noise at a volume that can be heard by any adjoining property               during the hours of 9:00 pm and 7:00 am is prohibited. This includes, but not limited to music, party noise,                           fireworks, yelling, motor noise from lawn mowers, chain saws, revving car engines, leaf blowers, and barking and/or           howling dogs, sirens, horns and train whistles. Violators shall be fined $100 per incident and reported to the                         Tunkhannock Township and/or other appropriate enforcement officer.

   10. Short-term rentals (i.e., Air B&Bs) are not allowed in Stonecrest. Our properties are year round single family homes.            Violators shall be fined $500 per day per incident.

         Any of the above violations shall be assessed a fine by the Board of Directors. The fine for each violation           could be up to $100.00 per incident or a daily fine of $25.00 per incident as determined by the Board of Directors.


        Adopted March 12, 2023 by unanimous vote at the quarterly meeting.

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